Oxygen Infusion Facial

Price : $300

The Oxygen Infusion Facial is an innovative facial treatment that uses a wand-like compression device to deliver high-pressurized oxygen to the skin to plump it up. Oxygen facials are beloved by celebrities including Madonna and Ashley Graham. It is a relaxing hydrating facial that delivers powerful antioxidants: Vitamins A, C, and E together help fight free radical damage. These antioxidants are mixed into a hyaluronic acid based serum—an ingredient found naturally in the skin and renown for its superior benefits as an ingredient carrier and moisturizer. When combined with topical hyperbaric oxygen technology, the Rejuvenation Serum stimulates regeneration of new cells increasing elastin and collagen production. Results are immediate to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In just one treatment your skin will look and feel years younger, skin will feel nourished and hydrated, cell renewal and skin regeneration are stimulated. Fine lines and blemishes are filled in, your skin feels rejuvenated, radiant, moisturized, and fresh. Oxygen facial also includes microdermabrasion, to smooth the texture and remove dead skin cells that makes delivery of oxygen infusion deeper to the skin. Will make your skin glow for at least 2-3 days – perfect for a big event.

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